About Us

So-Mine is an Atlanta based consumer products company.  We design, create and source unique and useful products.  We put fun and color into everyday functional items! 

So-Mine began in 2010 with a couple of partners brainstorming at a kitchen table on how to create unique things in some rather boring product categories.  We had worked for big companies and had experience already selling to large retailers, but wanted to start up something on our own.  Our first product launch was the slap watch and after that product took off, we then designed a clip watch.   It just grew from there!  All our products have one thing in common.  They are fun and functional.

So-Mine has grown significantly since brainstorming at the kitchen table.  We now have an amazing team of experts in consumer marketing, global sourcing, retail + wholesale operations, manufacturing, graphic design, packaging, sales and distribution. 


There is one thing that has not changed about so-mine…our passion for cool, colorful and useful stuff and our desire to bring it into your home!


We search the globe for functional and fun products!  We look for cool products that we would buy…..our kids would want…..what we think you and your kids would find useful too…..“why didn’t I think of that” products.


So-Mine products are featured by many major North American retailers.  We like to provide consumers with creatively designed, high quality products at affordable prices.